The Hideout Bar and Grill

The Hideout Bar and Grill Complete Local Listings, Google my business and Website

The Hideout bar and grill is a local bar in my neighborhood. They are well known for their food and music.

I approached Mike the Owner because he had no website and his Local SEO was nearly non existant.

I updated his google my business page, added in the menu. I also added local listings and created a simple website to showcase the amazing bands they have come in.

Project Description

The Hideout is a corner bar in my neighborhood. I actually love this places food and live music. They were in need of a website that showcases their food, and Live music.

I built them a website that was mobile responsive and added their menu into it. I also added their menue to Google My business and Yelp.

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Project Details

Date: 12.20.2019
Client: The Hideout Bar and Grill